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Alexis Marshall

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Supply chain issues mean hot chicken business in Nashville sometimes has to wing it

Sep 20, 2022
Bird flu, rising costs and other supply chain issues make it harder for one restaurant to get the right parts of the bird for the city's signature dish.
Bolton's manager Dollye Mathews says the restaurant has had trouble getting the right cuts of meat for months. That, plus inflation, has caused the business to raise prices on customers.
Alexis Marshall/WPLN

A flood-damaged Kurdish market begins to recover with community support

May 12, 2021
Nashville's Botan Market reopened in time to serve its community during Ramadan.
Botan Market in Nashville, Tennessee, suffered more than $300,000 in inventory damage during recent flooding.
Alexis Marshall/WPLN News

What happens when a landfill runs out of space?

Jan 8, 2019
According to the Waste Business Journal, by 2021 the average landfill will only have 15 years of life left.
A truck empties its load of waste at the Shelford Landfill, Recycling & Composting Centre.
Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images