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Alex Schmidt

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Some question the social cost of Mexican mall boom

Mar 15, 2016
Some see a sign of economic health, others one more example of global inequality.
The Oasis shopping center in Coyoacan, Mexico City. 
Alex Schmidt

Anou, the accessible Etsy of Morocco

Jan 19, 2015
New website launched in Morocco helps rural artisans set their wares.

Ever get lost at the airport? Blame the signs

Feb 26, 2014
"Wayfinding": There's money to be made off of real, physical signage, even as it gives way to a digital future.

Buying your way onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Nov 4, 2013
Movie studios, fan clubs or anyone can raise the funds for a star.
BenSherman/Wikimedia Commons

Why don't more consumers use automatic bill pay?

Sep 19, 2013
When it comes to paying bills, we could all just automate and do everything online without even thinking about it. So why don’t we?

Making Grand Theft Auto pay

Sep 17, 2013
Grand Theft Auto V cost $265 million to make. Pre-sales have been good, but GTA already has a huge following. With development costs now so high, creating a new game from scratch has become a high-stakes business.

New school Silicon Beach meets old school Hollywood

Aug 30, 2013
With Netflix reporting first quarter revenue of over $1 billion, others are seeing profit in original storytelling. And major tech companies are setting up production studios all over L.A.

Brazilian banks lead way on biometrics

Aug 6, 2013
Despite the high cost, biometrics actually saves the banks money by reducing fraud and eliminating other problems that first world nations don't face.

Work from home, get distracted

Jun 19, 2013
With enough planning -- and maybe some soundproofing -- some are still finding ways to get their work done at home.

QR codes bridge real life with cyberspace

Jan 22, 2011
Little black and white squares have started popping up in magazines, on billboards and storefronts. They're called QR codes, and are aimed at linking the online world with the real world.