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Adam Ragusea

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The South is more likely to hand out corporate subsidies

Jun 2, 2014
The Atlanta Braves' new stadium will be funded in large part by taxpayer dollars.

Hospitals save money by doing surgery for free

May 6, 2014
Some hospitals have come up with a counterintuitive way to save money: offer minor surgery for free.

When rural hospitals close, towns struggle to stay open

Apr 10, 2014
Rural hospitals are closing at a rate that’s starting to get some politicians’ attention.

Where Obamacare is shunned, insurance brokers step in

Mar 19, 2014
In states where politicians are dead set against Obamacare, private insurance agents are oh so happy to help.

Want the REALLY spicy Chinese dish?

Jan 24, 2014
What you see on menus might not be all the restaurant has to offer

Typewriters, somehow, still in demand

Nov 14, 2013
There are still people who make a living selling typewriters to law offices, funeral parlors, and anybody else who fills out a lot of forms.

The link between football and male college students

Aug 22, 2013
As the gap between the numbers of female and male college students widens, a football program can increase the numbers of men on campus.

The supply and demand of pound puppies

Jul 29, 2013
An export route has developed along the eastern seaboard with an unlikely commodity: homeless pets.

Why blind internet users are angry with Google, CAPTCHA

Jan 1, 2013
CAPTCHAs are designed to prevent fraud on many websites.