Can you gracefully quit your job?

Alternative to the office? How can you gracefully quit your job? - 

If you've ever considered leaving your job — maybe for a better opportunity, maybe just out of frustration — you're not alone. For Ask a Manager's Alison Green, it's a topic that comes up all the time ... how to leave your current job without burning any bridges. 

We're looking for stories and questions about quitting. Have you left your position? Wanted to? Wondered what the best way would be? If you're the boss, what's it like when someone quits?

If you've ever wondered how to resign, or have an experience quitting that you want to share, Marketplace Weekend wants to know about it. We're taking your questions to Alison Green, who joins us every month to answer all of our big work dilemmas, like: How do you manage the logistics of switching careers? Are shorts appropriate work clothes? How do you find a job out of college? 

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