Working to get the lights back on in Puerto Rico

Con Edison crews from New York help restore power in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. - 

While the Army Corps of Engineers is focused on the big picture of restoring power to Puerto Rico, the daily work falls to crews of linemen with bucket trucks and heavy equipment out around the island. Some of them have contracts with the Corps and others are there by mutual aid agreements with PREPA, Puerto Rico's power authority, like the Con Edison team from New York. Listen to Con Edison New York's Johnny Price share his experience of helping to restore power in Puerto Rico.

Crews of linemen from Con Edison prepare for the day’s assignments in Puerto Rico. - 

Old San Juan’s rooftop power lines pose a challenge for Con Edison linemen from New York. - 

Con Edison linemen from New York get to work restoring power in San Juan, Puerto Rico. - 

Street lights illuminate Plaza de Colón in Old San Juan. - 

Con Edison trucks line Plaza de Colón in Old San Juan. - 
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