Ask a Manager: The do's and don'ts of work relationships

Ask a Manager: The do's and don'ts of work relationships

Work comes with rules; what to wear, how much vacation you can take, how to behave and in some cases what you can post on social media.

This month on Marketplace Weekend's regular segment on jobs and the work place, Ask a Manager's Alison Green tackles your questions on relationships at work. What issues can arise from office friendships? For people in leadership positions, is it appropriate to be friends with your staff? And when it comes to romance, what are the do's and don'ts?

Also, in light of the allegations around Harvey Weinstein, how should workers and managers navigate issues around unwanted advances and sexual assault?

You can email your questions to, leave a voicemail at 1-800-648-5114 or contact us using the forms below. If we use your question, one of the show's producers will be in touch.

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