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From our listeners: music for the “Marketplace Morning Report”

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A question here to start: What do you expect to hear when you tune in to the “Marketplace Morning Report”? A story from a reporter about the red-hot housing market? An interview about changes to the 401(k) retirement system or the state of union labor in America? Prices, interest rates, workplace culture All that, yes. But some of you also notice the bits of instrumental music we play during transitions or use as grace notes. They’re not random, they’re curated by our experienced team. And we invited all of our valued listeners to share suggestions for the music we include. Maybe it was, “Enough with the supply chain already,” but it sure did get a big response.

Now it’s time to reveal your submissions and hear the stories behind them. First up, a pro. A DJ. Mac Gostow, take it away.

(Courtesy Mac Gostow)

Thanks, Mac! In this spirit of weaving together diverse elements — and hopefully coming up with some kind of coherent story — we move from electronic dance music to something more folk. A big thank you to Carol Newman Cronin.

(Courtesy Carol Newman Cronin)

Reassurance, some catharsis … gee, why would we need that now? Here’s one more set from a guy who says he has 20,000 songs on his phone. He wants us to play a couple. Lewis Gentry, you’re up.

(Courtesy Lewis Gentry)

All right — ears hungry now? We made a Spotify playlist of the songs that everyone sent to us.

You can pick through the 100-plus submissions and find something that works for you. And keep an ear out on the “Marketplace Morning Report” as we add them to the rotation.

Now, why did we do this? Because your submissions were so good, and just because you deserve it. And it’s on-demand streaming, so we can do whatever we want (kind of).

Thank you all for sharing your music with us. Happy listening!

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