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The Econ Extra Credit Team Aug 26, 2021
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The response to our August documentary selection, “Through the Night,” is perhaps best summarized by a question from listener Ellen H.

“How is it that the people who help us raise our children barely earn enough to support themselves, but at the same time so many workers can’t afford even that?”

Many of you who watched were in awe of and moved by the sacrifices Deloris and Patrick Hogan made to keep their New Rochelle, New York, day care center running 24/7. Several people noted the dearth of support available to parents around the country and the disproportionate share of child care that falls to women. Others were maddened by the lack of recognition of the value of caregivers in general. We are reliably informed that tears were shed. 

Listener Chris B. wrote in with a policy proposal: 

“This film did a great job of honoring the people who do so much good on so many levels, and yet are so under appreciated by society as a whole. If we had a way to measure the true economic benefits to a community when children are in a safe, loving environment in their formative years! Child care workers like Nunu and Patrick should be subsidized by governments for the incalculable value they bring to a community.” 

Eric U. noted that mothers are so often the ones handling day-to-day tasks: 

“I don’t remember seeing single dads dropping off and picking up children from daycare. I don’t recall seeing any dads. We ask a lot of mothers and their children in this country, but we are scared to help them.” 

Laura P. contrasted a personal experience as a nanny: 

“I have worked as a nanny for 20 years and as such was drawn to this month’s film, expecting to empathize with the strife of childcare providers. Instead, I found myself astonished by the heroism and heart of the Hogans, and shocked by how different our roles as caregivers are. My current job reflects much of my work over the years; I work for one family, in their home, care for one child, and often the parents are home resting or out running errands. I was humbled by the relentless giving, caring, and love the Hogans put into their work and will never again complain about a ‘long’ 10-hour day.”

And, with a big recommendation, Christine G. pointed out how difficult it is for women to juggle motherhood and professional life: 

“This extraordinary documentary should be shown to every elected official in this country whether in national, state or local office. The struggle for child care is a shadow problem for parents from every social strata. This is not just a problem for single parents, but every parent. Without the assistance of a family member, many women are forced to take menial jobs instead of following their career aspirations. Struggles finding quality child care and the demands of a career haunt women.”

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We’ll be back in September with our next documentary.

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