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Working from home … with a cat

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An image from illustrator Heidi Moreno's new book, "Working from Home with a Cat." Courtesy of Chronicle Books

Illustrator Heidi Moreno’s cat Peanut is more than just a pet — she’s a vital part of her business.

“I have always drawn cats,” Moreno said. “They’re mysterious, curious creatures and some of them are kind of evil. I don’t know why, but I like that.”  

The cat she draws most often is Peanut. “Peanut has this wild side to her,” she said. “She’s inspired me to draw cats with a little bit of attitude … so yeah, she’s the perfect muse for my art.”

Moreno’s new illustrated book called “Working from Home with a Cat” chronicles a day in her life at home with Peanut. 

The book shows Peanut taking up space on Moreno’s office chair, making a mess while she tries to paint and disrupting a video meeting. “She definitely runs the household here,” Moreno said.

Illustrator Heidi Moreno with her cat, Peanut. (Courtesy of Heidi Moreno)

Despite that, Moreno said she can’t imagine working without Peanut. “She’s so much of the inspiration of what I draw,” she said. “I don’t know if my art would be as cat-tastic if she wasn’t around, and it would probably be really sad.”

On Moreno’s website, she lists Peanut as a team member. “She makes sure that there’s a little bit of of her touch on every order with her hair,” she said. “So that’s where she pitches in with shipping and handling.”

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