A voter walks into a polling station on Nov. 6 in Charleston, West Virginia.
A voter walks into a polling station on Nov. 6 in Charleston, West Virginia. - 
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By the time this episode is out, midterm results will be rolling in. So let's take a pause before that wave hits to ask: How are you doing? We'll hear from some listeners about what they thought they knew and what's changed since last election. In that same spirit, we'll revisit our interview from Trump's first 100 days in office with author George Lakoff. He’s a professor emeritus at Berkeley, and he talked with us about about politics, linguistics, the way our brains are wired and how each of those affects the others. Buckle in, we're headed back to The Dark Place.

Some links from this episode: Our conversation with Lakoff from 2017; how to become a much-needed poll workerKai Ryssdal's fixation about Amazon's split-up HQ2; and Molly Wood's about government fines and voter turnout. And don't forget to join our Facebook group for more Make Me Smart all week long!

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