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The Graham-Cassidy bill, the latest attempt by Senate Republicans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, would cause some states to win money and others to lose funds. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, by 2026, the effect of the bill’s repeal of ACA Medicare expansion and insurance subsidies in the individual marketplace would result in 8 percent less funding overall flowing to the states. States that did not expand Medicaid would generally benefit, with their funding rising 12 percent on average, and as much as 75 percent for Texas and 148 percent for Mississippi. States that expanded Medicaid and enrolled a lot of low- and moderate-income residents in the Obamacare exchanges would receive less funding under the new system of temporary block grants and per-capita payments to the states. New York, Oregon, Vermont and Connecticut would face funding cuts of 30 percent or more to pay for government-subsidized health coverage. 

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