If Marketplace staff brought their kids to work and we lived in the 1960s.
If Marketplace staff brought their kids to work and we lived in the 1960s. - 

Do you ever bring your child to work with you? Do you feel like you have co-workers that do it way too often? Marketplace Weekend is tackling kids at the office in its latest work advice column from Alison Green, from the popular blog, Ask a Manager

Bringing a child to the office can bring up all sorts of questions. When is it appropriate and when isn't it? If you don't have kids, do you feel like your boss takes your child-free status for granted?

And for managers, when do you give parents some leeway to bring their kids to the office or work flexible hours to accommodate a little one? Where do you draw the line? Should pets get the same consideration as children when it comes to visits to the office?

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