Shopping for school supplies.  
Shopping for school supplies.   - 

It's back-to-school time again!

And the team at Marketplace Weekend wants to hear from you about what that means — for your wallet.

How do you prepare for this  costly spending season?

Parents — whether you're sending your kid to a primary school that requires uniforms, or buying your new college student all the paraphernalia for her new dorm room — just how much does the back-to-school season cost you?

Or, like some of us remember from our own childhoods, do you recycle last year's school supplies and reuse older siblings' sweaters?

Send us your thoughts, share your running school-supply tab and forward any wise advice you have for other caretakers out there.

Teachers — what's the deal when it comes to kitting out your classroom? Are you responsible for supplies and if so, how much of a dent does it put in your personal pocket?  What are you buying for your incoming students? And what hacks have you used to keep costs low, but creativity in the classroom high?

Send us your woes, your shopping spree stories, and your advice on  Twitter and  Facebook. Email the team at, where you can also send us your voice memos, or give us a call at 800-648-5114. Also feel free to comment below!

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