The Amazon Echo Dot uses voice activated technology. 
The Amazon Echo Dot uses voice activated technology.  - 
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Thanks to the holidays, you may have a new and exciting gadget in your life. And, let's be honest, you might not even know exactly what to do with it at this point. How we use all the technology coming at us, whether it's virtual reality, virtual assistants or our ever-present smartphone, is changing constantly. Senior tech correspondent Molly Wood gives us a sense of where we're headed in the new year.

What are the top three tech things that are going to be important for us to think about in 2017?

You know, it's interesting because the list is different depending on whether you're a consumer or whether you're talking about the tech industry at large.  At large, I think the tech industry is going to be talking about security and encryption. I think we're really going to be talking a lot about voice command as a way to interact with our devices, and, of course, the idea of intelligent things, things that really understand what you want to have happen in your life, that give you contextual information based on when your meetings are, or what the weather is like outside. So moving past the simple internet of things and talking about things like artificial intelligence to make life better. Those aren't things that are going to be immediately apparent in Best Buy, but they're going to be huge technology initiatives that you'll hear a lot about if you cover the industry.


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