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Have you experienced sexual harassment at work? Tell us about it

In office in London, circa 1934. One assumes attitudes toward sexual harassment have changed along with workplaces, but we want to hear your stories. Douglas Miller/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

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Gretchen Carlson’s sexual harassment lawsuit against Roger Ailes produced a stunning outcome, fast. In less than a month, the Fox News head resigned from the massively profitable and influential cable news channel he built. It also led to more women at Fox alleging pervasive harassment from executives and a corporate culture they say was dedicated to covering it up.

Along with their content, the sheer number of stories — many of them collected by New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman, check out our 2014 interview with him about Ailes — gave us pause.

For an earlier generation of women in the workplace, sexual harassment wasn’t as clearly defined, legally or socially. We want to get a sense of how prevalent this kind of behavior was – and perhaps still is — across the nation, and over the decades. So we are gathering your stories.

Have you been subjected to sexual harassment, or seen it firsthand? How did you react? What kind of policies did or does your workplace have? Do you think working millennials view the issue differently than previous generations?

If you share a story we can protect your identity, but we need your contact information to get in touch.  We won’t use your email address for anything else. If you’d rather leave us a message, call Marketplace’s voicemail line at (213) 621-3534 and be sure to leave a phone number or email address.

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