Before you get ready to settle in and make your weekend plans, let's send you off with some need-to-know numbers for Thursday.

Last week’s terrorist attacks in Brussels have compounded fears over national security. They precede Obama’s last Nuclear Security Summit as president, where more than 50 countries will convene. On the heels of today’s meeting, Marketplace’s Nancy Marshall-Genzer writes about nuclear security rules, which govern not just nuclear facilities, but places in the private sector like hospitals and universities.

Colleges don't just have nuclear security concerns to deal with, but issues related to Title IX, a law that prohibits gender discrimination in a federally-funded education program or activity. A new report from the American Association of University Professors argues that greater efforts to expand and enforce Title IX have impeded academic freedom, stifling classroom discussion and costing professors their jobs. Risa Lieberwitz, general counsel for the AAUP, says that faculty who cover topics related to sex, sexuality and gender studies are “particularly vulnerable to accusations of hostile environment in the classroom” because of the sensitivity of these subjects.

Early education systems have their own set of struggles many preschools programs in the Silicon Valley neighborhood of Santee don’t have enough room to accommodate a good portion of the area. The preschool Educare, whose full-day classes serve 168 children, is trying to change that by reaching low-income families. The school has a resource center for the local community and its educational philosophy takes into account the children’s interests.

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