A screenshot of Mattermark's startup funding heat map.
A screenshot of Mattermark's startup funding heat map. - 

California and New York still pour out the most money when it comes to startup funding, but there’s plenty of other places for a young company to seek some capital, according to a new map released Monday by business research firm Mattermark.

The heat map, which you can access here, shows how much funding startups received last year, broken down by state. The more money in a state, the darker shade. California and New York are the darkest (no surprise, there), with roughly $41 billion and nearly $9 billion in funding, respectively. But other states are active as well, including Massachusetts with nearly $6 billion, Texas with $4 billion and Illinois with nearly $2.7 billion.

Yes, California is still the place to go if you want those unicorn-type deals, but this could change soon given the tech market’s slowdown may already be upon us. If you're not looking for that kind of dough, this map shows you don’t have to be on the West Coast, or East Coast, to get some cash. In fact, most states had at least $1 million in funding.

The only states with no rounds? Maine, North Dakota, Wyoming and Alaska.