Hope you're having a Super Tuesday. Here are some need-to-know numbers as you head into the politically charged evening.


Tuesday will see the biggest number of states  up for grabs so far in this presidential election season — eleven, to be exact. And one aspect of how voters will decide is no doubt the economy, with each state bringing its own unique circumstances that will affect how candidates are received. Alaska, for example, as the highest unemployment rate of all the Super Tuesday states at 6.6 percent. Alaskans are also uniquely concerned about the oil industry — the government there is looking at a $3.5 billion budget deficit tied to the fall of oil prices. To learn more, check out this state-by-state breakdown reported by Marketplace's Tony Wagner.

Also out Tuesday, a new report on discarded cancer drugs found a startling $3 billion worth will end up in the trash. Take a drug like Keytruda, for example, which helps your immune system to fight cancer. Patients tend to need the drug in 150 mg. The problem? Keytruda is sold in 100 mg vials, meaning a second vial is only half used. Worse yet, the report found many drug companies were taking advantage of the discrepancies to gain profit.

Guys, there's much better ways to make a lot of money. Win the Turing Award, for example. It's known as the Nobel Prize of technology, and comes with $1 million. You'll have to wait a year, though. This year's winners were announced Tuesday — Whitfield Diffie and John McCarthy, who are credited with creating "public-key cryptography," which as the New York Times writes, effectively helped create the World Wide Web we know today. So you know, go invent the internet, and then you can make a bunch of money.

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