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Maybe don’t plug your phone into your car

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That’s how many people are employed by Starbucks in China. The company just celebrated opening its 2000th store. On Tuesday, the company announced it will begin offering its workers a monthly stipend for housing, an amount that will cover on average 50 percent of their housing expenses.

970,000 tons

That’s potentially how much extra carbon dioxide could be added to the environment by phones charging in American cars via USB ports — a plugged-in phone uses up .3 miles per gallon of gasoline in each tank. As Bloomberg writes, it’s an especially troubling figure when considering that car makers are continually adding ports to their new designs.

36 million

That’s how many homes in which AT&T is hoping to sell wireless or DIRECTV. It’s part of the reason why starting Tuesday, the company is offering unlimited wireless data plans to customers who sign up for wireless and DIRECTV, the satellite company AT&T bought for $49 billion in 2015.

$3 billion

That’s how much Japan’s Asahi Group Holdings Ltd. might pay to purchase Peroni and Grolsch, two beer brands that are on the market so that the merger of Anheuser-Busch InBev NV and SABMiller PLC can proceed. As the Wall Street Journal writes, other Asian beer companies have also expressed interest in bidding on the two brewers. It may be of particular interest for companies in Japan, however, as domestic sales have slowed down, and a bigger share of international markets would be beneficial.

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