A 1940s Landis Model 12 K Outsole Stitcher. 
A 1940s Landis Model 12 K Outsole Stitcher.  - 
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Lucas Argrew

As part of our series Pro Tool, we're looking for that must-have device in your line of work, be it a pair of scissorsnotebook, or bicycle

The next item in our series? An outsole stitcher. 

Professional: Lucas Argrew, cobbler at Beyond Shoe Repair in Auburn, ME. 

Pro Tool: 1940's Landis Model 12 K Outsole Stitcher.

Why it's a Pro Tool: "These specific Landis machines are kind of the backbone of the shoe repair industry ... They need a little repair, but they still work just as good as they used to."

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Additional production from Katie Long.

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