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Stop ending texts with a period, you jerk.

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That’s at least how many people have signed a petition in the UK to bar Donald Trump from entering the country — that’s the minimum number of signatures needed for the British parliament to be required to debate the matter. As of this writing, 222,809 people have signed. As the New York Times writes, the petition cites laws regarding “hate speech” as grounds for banning Trump — his recent comments about banning Muslims from entering the U.S. have caused an uproar around the world.

5 minutes

That’s how long it will take ticketed passengers to walk from a terminal at the San Diego Airport to the Tijuana International Airport via a new walkway opening Wednesday. The Cross Border Xpress is promising to ease congestion for the many Tijuana airport travelers who are coming from San Diego. It’ll just cost them $18 to cross.


That’s how many sample text messages were used to test students on their perception of personality based on texting style. One hundred and twenty-six Binghamton undergraduates were asked to read various text messages that included questions, and a few one word answers. The results? As Mashable writes, texts that ended with a period were perceived to be much more insincere.


That’s how many power sources — wind, solar, hydro and wood burning power — are used by the Roe family, which currently inhabits a small cottage in rural Wales where the British rock band Led Zeppelin wrote some of their greatest hits. While the cottage, named Bron Yr Aur, has been off the grid since its days as the birthplace of “Stairway to Heaven,” the Roes pride themselves on the hub of renewable energy they’ve created.

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