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Put that Amedeo Modigliani on my AmEx

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7.5 million birds

That’s how many were taken out by this year’s outbreak of bird flu. But not to worry. Your Thanksgiving turkey was probably flash frozen back in March.


That’s the going rate for an Amazon Prime loyalty club membership. And with that fee comes guaranteed same-day delivery in 23 metro areas. With its sheer size and lack of actual stores to upkeep, Amazon can afford to offer this kind of speedy service. But as the Associated Press reports, other retail stores have struggled to compete, but not for lack of effort.

$170.4 million

That’s how much Chinese billionaire Liu Yiqian will pay for Amedeo Modigliani’s “Reclining Nude,” which he purchased at a recent Christie’s auction. And how will he pay for it? Credit card, of course. Liu says he will put the entire purchase on his American Express card. And as the Korea Times reports, that likely guarantees him and his family free airfare for the rest of his life to anywhere in the world.

$1.5 million

That’s how much Coke gave to the Global Energy Balance Network, a nonprofit aimed at fighting obesity. The group has always claimed that the gift had no influence on its mission statement. However, emails found by the Associated Press point to a direct shaping of the organization by Coke, including messages in which leadership at the nonprofit say they want to help Coke’s image when it comes to public health.

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