Behind the perfectly coiffed hair during Oscars season: absolute mayhem.
Behind the perfectly coiffed hair during Oscars season: absolute mayhem. - 
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You'd never know it judging by the glitz and the glamour, but for every little gold statue handed out during the Oscars, there's all kinds of chaos that goes on beforehand.  There’s lobbying, marketing and lots and lots of money involved. But Oscar season also tends to highlight some of the ongoing struggles in Hollywood too, like gender and race equity.

It’s all up for discussion on the new podcast from Southern California Public Radio and, “The Awards Show Show,” hosted by The Frame’s John Horn and “Vulture” Senior Editor Kyle Buchanan.

Marketplace’s Kai Ryssdal chatted with Kyle Buchanan about the new podcast.  

Click the above audio player to hear the full interview. 


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