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Snapchat’s snappy numbers

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5 to 10 percent

That’s how much bonuses on Wall Street are expected to dip this year — it’s the first time since 2011 that payouts will drop across the industry. Last year, the average bonus on Wall Street was $170,000. But some analysts argue that these aren’t bonuses in the traditional sense, likening them to deferred compensation rather than an extra end-of-the-year reward.

105 carat

That’s the weight of the “Koh-i-Noor” diamond, which once belonged to the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan of India. It’s currently part of Britain’s crown jewels. But now, a group that calls itself “Mountain of Life” is suing for the diamond to be returned to India. As the Independent writes, the group is made up of businessmen and Bollywood actors who cite the murky history of how the jewel was taken and transported to the UK.

1.5 percent

That’s how much cigarette sales increased this year for Altria, the parent company of Philip Morris. The figures buck the trend of declining cigarette sales over the past several years. There’s a couple reasons behind the change: an improving economy, the federal excise tax on cigarettes staying flat since 2009. But also, oddly, what’s happening at the gas pump.

6 billion

That’s how many views per day are enjoyed by mobile phone app Snapchat. As the Verge writes, that’s three times what the company reported in May. But it should also be noticed that for Snapchat, a couple milliseconds of viewing counts towards that metric, so figures should be taken with a grain of salt.

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