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Playboy goes PG-13

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3 debates

That’s how many will take place in Las Vegas during the 2016 presidential race. Democrats hold a candidate debate on October 13; Republicans hold a debate on December 15; and the parties will hold the final candidate debate of the presidential election on October 19, 2016. So why is Las Vegas suddenly such a political town? Well, Nevada is a coveted prize for the candidates. 

$104 billion

That’s how much Anheuser-Busch InBev will pay for rival beer company SABMiller. The rumored takeover has been brewing for a while, with the final amount tentatively agreed upon Tuesday. As the New York Times writes, the juggernaut created by the merger will take in $64 billion in annual revenue.

5.1 million

That’s how many Americans currently live with Alzheimer’s. And that number is expected to go up to nearly 7 million in the next decade. It’s part of the reason why protecting home health care workers has become increasingly important. Tuesday saw the first time these workers were provided with federal labor protections like the right to minimum wage, time and a half for overtime, and travel pay.


That’s how many people currently subscribe to Playboy magazine. Compare that number to the 5.6 million who subscribed in 1975. With the proliferation of available online content, Playboy has seen interest in its risque content continually decrease over the years. That’s why the company said it will rebrand its content, focusing more on investigative journalism, liquor coverage and featuring visual artists. As the A.V. Club writes, after the change, the raciest the magazine plans to get is PG-13.

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