A professional comedian talks about dropping the mic...without breaking it.
A professional comedian talks about dropping the mic...without breaking it. - 
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As part of our series Pro Tool, we're looking for that must-have device in your line of work, be it a pair of scissorsnotebook, or shoes

The fifth item in our series? A microphone. 

Professional: Harrison Greenbaum, stand up comedian based in New York City.

Pro Tool: Shure 58 microphone.

Why it's a Pro Tool: "We have our microphone stand, our microphone, maybe a stool with some water. It's the only thing we have to use and it's how [the audience] is hearing us. If it doesn't work, the whole thing is off."

Greenbaum explains how to drop the mic like a professional:

Greenbaum explains how comedians use the mic, stand, and stool to punctuate their performances:

Chris Rock demonstrates the mic drop:

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