By The Numbers

Ah, the smell of eggs and seaweed in the morning

Marketplace Staff Jul 16, 2015

That’s how many votes were cast in the Greek parliament in favor of the latest bailout deal (that’s out of a 300-seat chamber). With this outcome, funding of up to $94 billion will be offered to Greece in exchange for severe austerity measures. As Reuters reports, former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis was among those adamantly against the deal, calling it “a new Versailles Treaty.”

70 percent

That’s the percentage of law school graduates who passed the bar in Ohio and landed jobs following graduation in 2010. Steve Fischer was not so lucky. A new lawyer with no prospects, he instead found work in the oil fields of North Dakota. But as soon as word got out about his expertise, he found himself flooded with requests for legal services. Fischer’s experience is not uncommon — many lawyers are finding success in rural areas that have seen increased legal disputes in places that lack the legal infrastructure to cope.

$1 billion

That’s how much the Vikings stadium in Minneapolis cost to construct. Why is that relevant? As CBS Minnesota points out, those scoffing at the price for the New Horizons space probe should reconsider what they think is too much money to spend on going into space — $720 million for a trip to Pluto is less than $1 billion for a stadium, after all.


That’s how much gardener Manuel Nieto makes an hour at his job in Irvine, California. That’s more than the state’s $9-an-hour minimum wage. But that’s about to change. Unlike other cities that have passed laws raising the minimum wage, Irvine recently got rid of its living wage ordinance, which required contractors to pay workers above a certain amount for providing services like street cleaning and landscaping.

15 years

That’s how long scientists have been working toward developing a new strain of seaweed. Good news: a group of researchers in Portland, Oregon, has done it. Even better news: it tastes like bacon. Or at least, it has the potential to taste like bacon. As reported by the Associated Press, this new strain of seaweed was originally developed to feed Abalone. But when scientists saw its nutritional value, they thought it might be worth it to develop the crop for humans. Among the products they’ve tried out using the seaweed: bacon-tasting strips.

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