The "Entourage" crew reunites for the television show's big-screen debut. 
The "Entourage" crew reunites for the television show's big-screen debut.  - 
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"Bob’s Burgers" writer Wendy Molyneux likes to joke with her husband about how much money it would take for them to do silly things, like drive to Vegas at that very moment, turn around, and come back. While watching "Mad Max," the trailer for "Entourage" came on, and Molyneux joked that someone would have to pay her $10,000 to see it. Except instead of brushing it off, she actually did something about it. On May 26, Molyneux created a GoFundMe campaign that would force her to watch "Entourage" if she was able to raise $10,000 for CureSearch, which focuses on finding cures for children’s cancers.

Her late nephew Oliver Cross lost his life to leukemia at only 5years old, so CureSearch was a cause close to her heart. To Molyneux’s surprise, she had met her goal in the first day, and even Jerry Ferrara, Turtle himself, donated to the campaign. As of today, the campaign has raised $24,000, which means she will be seeing the movie twice.

On meeting her goal:

I have to see it twice because I got to $20,000. I have to wear a pair of Drama Mama pajamas as a tribute to the character Johnny Drama, and my sister, Lizzy, who’s my writing partner made me a sipping cup for my soda that has Turtle on the outside. We’re well into this now.

On CureSearch:

They aggressively look for cures for pediatric cancer exclusively, because sometimes treating children’s cancer is very different than treating adult cancer…. We want to encourage people to get involved, even if you have to do something silly to be like, “Look over here at this thing that you don’t know anything about.” Because those cancers do strike randomly, it’s just nice to have people be aware that that cause is out there and to give them a little boost in their work.

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