By The Numbers

American TP is getting more luxurious

Tony Wagner Mar 16, 2015
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By The Numbers

American TP is getting more luxurious

Tony Wagner Mar 16, 2015

The number of Chicago police officers accounting for nearly half of the abuse complaints leveled against the 13,500-member force from 2001 to 2006. Turns out, despite the high costs of lawsuits, very few police departments do this kind of number-crunching to avoid them. Many of the largest departments don’t consistently track the spending or circumstances around these cases.

$1.4 billion

That’s how much Americans spent on quilted, ultra soft, lotioned, scented and other “luxury” toilet paper last year, the Washington Post reported, and that number is on track to eclipse regular and budget TP spending in the years to come. It’s an “affordable indulgence” and brands are embracing the trend with all kinds of new varieties and boy band pitchmen.

7.5 fluid ounces

The size of Coca-Cola’s mini cans, which several nutritionists and bloggers have pitched in blog posts and articles as a “good snack,” the Associated Press reported. Many of the post writers have worked with Coke in the past, or were paid to recommend the smaller-portion sodas. The company likens the practice to product placement, and the AP notes it comes at a time when cola sales are falling in the U.S.

30 years

That’s how long ago America Online was just taking shape, reaching a million subscribers a year later. CEO Steve Case left the company more than a decade ago, and now he’s a venture capitalist in Washington. Case sat down with Marketplace Tech at SXSW Interactive to talk about Facebook, the state of tech in D.C. and “the third wave of the Internet.”

43.4 million

That’s about how many digital cameras were sold last year, a 30 percent drop from 2013 and a new low for the decade. On his blog, Gigaom founder Om Malik traces the fall of the standalone camera and charts it along with the iPhone’s rise.

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