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Heinz catches up to modern tastes

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1/3 of jobs

The Labor Department releases its monthly Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey on Tuesday, otherwise known as JOLTS. The report gives economists a look into the current state of the job market. After the recession, job creation was mostly focused on high-paying and low-paying employment. But now some economists are saying that middle-paying jobs are having a moment, with about one-third of new jobs in that sector.

$7.99 a month

How much Netflix will charge for subscribers in Cuba (the same as it costs in the U.S.). As reported by Tech Crunch, the streaming-video company announced it will offer service to Cuban customers starting Tuesday. But as Quartz points out, the move is largely symbolic because less than 5 percent of the population has Internet access, and the monthly subscription fee is nearly half the average salary in Cuba.

40 percent

The percentage increase Twitter has seen in government requests for information since its last report in July. As reported by the BBC, Twitter reports receiving 2,871 requests from around the world and has fulfilled a little over half of them. The U.S. government was the most frequent requester; hundreds came in from Turkey as well.

$975 million

How much China has fined chip maker Qualcomm for violating its laws to curb monopolization. As reported by the New York Times, regulators in China defended the fine on Tuesday, saying that the large amount is meant to “restore market competitiveness.”


Heinz is catching up to popular taste with the newly released Sriracha-flavored Ketchup. The suggested retail price for the standard 14-ounce bottle is $2.69.

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