Gibson's iconic Les Paul guitars.
Gibson's iconic Les Paul guitars. - 
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Henry Juszkiewicz grew up playing guitar and played some gigs before becoming the CEO of one of the world’s most recognizable music companies, Gibson.

“My first band had an accordion, because we played a lot of weddings,”  Juszkiewicz says.

But Gibson is a lot more than just guitars these days, according to Juszkiewicz.

“We are in the music business, not just one segment,” he says.

Gibson is getting into the headphone business, Juszkiewicz says, and the company recently signed a 15-year lease for one of Los Angeles' most recognizable music hubs, the Tower Records building on the Sunset Strip.

“I’m gonna try to bring back the feeling that Tower had on people…. We also want live entertainment. We want it to be a thriving cultural place,” Juszkiewicz says. 

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