Alibaba Founder Jack Ma.
Alibaba Founder Jack Ma. - 
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Alibaba, the online commerce giant of China, has filed the paperwork to trade its stock in the United States. Regulators will now comb through more than 2000 pages of Alibaba documents. If the IPO moves forward it could be valued at $100 billion, six times the value of Facebook when it hit the public market two years ago. The BBC's chief business correspondent Linda Yueh joined us to discuss.

So, how long does it take you to watch all those programs you DVR? You might not care if you wait a day or two, but you know who does? Network executives and advertisers. That's because ad deals are based on what's known as C3, a measurement of commercial minutes seen live and over the following three days. Advertisers don't pay for your eyeballs if you watch "Scandal" on day four.

It's just over a year since a clothing factory collapsed in Bangladesh, which caused the death of more than 1,000 people. The complex tragedy has brought some changes to safety conditions in places that may have manufactured many kinds of affordable clothing Americans buy and wear, but what has gotten less attention is a change in the law that lets employees form a union without the permission of their employer.


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