Some of the emoticons Skype (still) has on offer.
Some of the emoticons Skype (still) has on offer. - 
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We told you a couple weeks ago about how Yelp now lets you search with emoticons. A pair of scissors gets you salons nearby, the Korean flag finds you Korean restaurants, and so forth. 


On the other side of the happy face is Skype. According to the website Techcrunch, Skype has "removed certain...offensive emoticons from its emoticon dictionary."  

You can see the offending faces hereIn Techcrunch's words:

"Oddly enough, you can still happily moon your chat buddies(emoticon-00172-mooning), puke on them(emoticon-00119-puke), have a smoke with them (emoticon-00176-smoke) and pretend you are virtually drunk (). Skype is good with this guy, too (emoticon-00130-devil ). Maybe because he is offset by this emoticon: emoticon-00131-angel."

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