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Remember last fall, when health insurers sent out cancellation letters because some policies didn't meet the Affordable Care Acts requirements? President Obama decided to let people keep those policies a while longer - in some cases, for a year. Well, the Obama administration could announce as soon as this week that it's rolling back the deadline for people to get off these barebones plans. How many people would be affected?


The College Board – the company that puts out the SAT – is feeling the heat. In recent years, it's continued to lose market share to the firm that puts out the ACT. The College Board is expected to unveil a new test that's expected to look a lot like the ACT – which means more recognizable to traditional high school curriculum and less esoteric.

Has the U.S. abandoned orange juice? Quartz reporter Roberto Ferdman reported that we are drinking 40 percent less orange juice. Orange juice sales last year were at their lowest level in more than a decade.


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