The Federal Reserve is reporting that bank credit lending was up 10 percent this year -- the highest rate since before the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008. - 

The textbooks say financial markets are supposed to take in your savings and funnel the money to businesses, but there's strong data that when it comes to money for start up businesses, banks are risk averse these days and want to see a track record before lending. Sure there are angel investors who like to make bets on tech, especially. But don't forget about other informal ways for entrepreneurs to get early money -- just look back at how Motown got started. 

Plus, Microsoft is out with a new name for an old product. It’s now calling its cloud storage service OneDrive. The British broadcaster Sky objected to the old name, SkyDrive. It’s one of many cloud services out there with similar names. Besides OneDrive, there’s Google Drive. There’s a service called Box and one called Dropbox. And they all work pretty much the same way, copying your files and photos to far away servers, and letting you access them on any computer, phone or tablet.

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