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In a provocative piece for Digg on viral sound, reporter  Stan Alcorn asked Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian: “Why does the Internet so rarely mobilize around audio? What would it take to put audio on the Reddit front page?”

Since audio is, of course, our business, we asked Stan Alcorn to make us an audio version (listen above). We want our work to be sharable – and so we’ve decided to be proactive…

As Stan reports, there are certainly exceptions to the rule. For instance, the audio I share usually falls into a few different categories: Isolated David Bowie vocals, super-awkward studio outtakes with Art Garfunkel, and angry phone messages to reporters about drones(As a journalist, I think the last one is my favorite. “DON’T YOU SUPERVISE THE SUB EDITORS WHO WRITE THESE HEADLINES!?”)

There’s also plenty of stuff that Marketplace has done that I would hope could go viral: 

Kai’s voice, high on helium?

If that doesn’t do it for you, how about me playing a different David Bowie song on a toy keyboard with celebrated Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield?

But you won’t listen to any of it. You won’t. I know you won’t.

Because what we have come to know is that when compared to video and text, audio doesn’t seem to cut it in the “going viral” department. Maybe it’s because there’s nothing for us to really look at while we’re listening. So we’re asking you to submit some audio you hope will go viral. Tweet us @marketplaceAPM, send us something on Facebook, or respond to us using our built-in audio recorder on this page.

Find a funny clip from the radio, or maybe even produce your OWN audio.

Submit your own sounds that you think are worth sharing. Anything you want (as long as it’s relatively appropriate for air). You can see submissions here. You can submit photos too if you want. And if we get good submissions, we’ll play your stuff on the air. Come on.

I know two little girls talking about a terrible haircut is good. But you can do better. Right? 

There are always cats.

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