Timothy Draper is the head of the Draper Fisher Jurveston. A venture capital firm in Menlo Park, Ca.  - 

Timothy Draper has a crazy idea. The noted tech venture capitalist is pushing a ballot initiative to break California into six separate states

The plan, which has just been announced and is on no ballot yet, would turn Silicon Valley into a state unto itself (image via TechCrunch): 

 Draper said that California is "ungovernable" and as a constituent, he doesn't feel like he's getting a very good service for the amount of money he gives to the government.

"We pay the most for education and we're 46th. We pay among the most for prisons and we are among the highest recidivism rate," says Draper. "So we have a failed state."

Draper believes the solution to this issue is to create something new.  He said creating "Six Californias"would allow those "states" to cooperate with each other but still have to compete with constituents. He said this way, states would have no choice but to improve. While it may sound similar to a secessionist movement, Draper wants to make it clear that he never has and never would support a secessionist movement in California.

"I always have felt that it's best to try and improve something by being in it. Than it is by trying to throw grenades at it," says Draper. 


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