Blueseed Terraces 1. Concept vessel design by Anthony Ling.
Blueseed Terraces 1. Concept vessel design by Anthony Ling. - 
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The Obama administration now says it's postponing some more requirements for businesses under the healthcare reform law. Businesses with 50 to 99 full-time workers have until 2016 to cover all of their employees, and businesses with 100 or more workers only have to cover 70 percent of them for the first year.

And, Could Silicon Valley become more of an island? An island is both an outpost with its own rules that's also a bit cut off from the wider society -- a combination of characteristics which emerged during a series of conversations on whether an island of innovation would end up a richer or poorer place if left to its own devices. One startup would like to put a collection of floating dorms and offices just past the limit of current US immigration law, about 12 miles out to sea.

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