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Think about what freedom means to you at work. If you've got an old fashioned boss, does it seem like a foreign concept? Or do you want more autonomy, more independence?

The firm LRN has been surveying companies to see how free they are. While freedom may not be a concept you associate with business, LRN CEO Dov Seidman explains it this way: 

“Business, after all, is about free enterprise. And we’ve looked into, in fact, how free is free enterprise and surprisingly, business is still more shackled than free, and successful companies are flattening. People are more free to contribute their character, ideas and free to innovate. And those who can harness that kind of freedom are the ones that are winning. But 50 percent of companies still show very low levels of such freedom.”

To hear Lizzie O'Leary's interview with Dov Seidman, click the audio player above.


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