A traffic jam clogged the streets of Atlanta last night.
A traffic jam clogged the streets of Atlanta last night. - 
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The city of Atlanta is in the middle of a giant two-day snow and ice storm that has left kids stranded at school, people in makeshift shelters, and commuters trying to get to or from work stuck on the roads in miles-long gridlock. 

LaTeefa Dancey-Gray, a cardiac monitor technician, was among those who were trying to get to work yesterday evening while on her way to work the 7pm to 7am graveyard shift. She pulled out of her driveway at 5pm to get to work, and between 8-9pm her car came to complete standstill. Traffic didn’t move again until 5:30 this morning. Dancey-Gray joined Marketplace's Lizzie O'Leary from her car to talk about the situation. Click the audio player above to hear the interview

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