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Stressed out by the Davos World Economic Forum?

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This week, the who’s who of the…world … will gather in Davos, Switzerland, to set the economic agenda for 2014.

Now the summit isn’t just dull economics. This is the Alps after all, so skiing and partying also seems to be on many agendas during the week. (Though not on everyone’s agenda, this year:)

Setting the global economic agenda isn’t a small task for a four-day confab.

But when sessions such as “Rethinking Ocean Economies” and “Responding to Global Risks” get stressful, organizers have attendees’ backs. For the price of the cost of membership in the World Economic forum — that’s $70,000 — you can also attend any of the following:

  • Let Goldie Hawn convince you to meditate. She’s giving a talk on the ways “neuroscience, mindfulness training and social and emotional learning can change the world”
  • Make jewelry. Attend a workshop on “precision fabrication of unique components, such as jewellery and optics.”
  • Hear a special concert by the St Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra.
  • Track how well you sleep. Sign up in advance for a Jawbone “health tracker.” Keep track of your rest and exercise. 
  • Meditate with a Buddhist monk. Matthieu Ricard will lead recurring 8 a.m. sessions on how to “learn and experience the benefits of meditation.”
  • See a special Screening of “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”. Hors d’oeuvres will be served.
  • Muse upon the meaning of happiness. A session entitled “The Importance of Being Happy” promises to answer “Why is the pursuit of happiness so critical for ourworld andthat of future generations?
  • Celebrate with friends “new and old” at the “Jazz and Dance Soirée”. Black tie, of course.

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