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A new International Energy Agency report out Tuesday says global oil demand will rise by 1.3 million barrels per day this year, higher than its previous forecast. That number tells a story about the global economy and will also have impact in America.

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum kicks off this week, in Davos, Switzerland. The global elite -- executives, politicians, media moguls, and academics -- will gather in the Alps for a four-day confab. This year, one of the items on the agenda is inequality. 

We’ve all heard of websites like Kickstarter, where you can donate to projects you believe in. Well what if, instead of just donating, you could go online and buy an equity slice of a small business? This crowdfunding of investment is what the JOBS Act is trying to promote. And it’s how one real estate company in Washington D.C. wants to shake up local development.

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