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For those who observe Christmas, the fundamental aspect of the holiday is that it's a birthday. But for many people whose birthday fall on Dec. 25, it's not always a happy experience. We've built a tumblr where those of you suffering can drown your sorrows with others.

Instead of a rousing surprise party, and everyone singing for you ... you get your neighbors' earnest caroling:

Ever since I can remember. I’ve always had a love hate relationship with the holidays. For a couple reasons; one because my birthday is two days before Christmas. Thus causing the ever so famous bundled gift or people forgetting about my birthday all in all. I’ve tried so many years to organize something for my birthday. It always just ends up being my immediate family and sometimes a few friends. Reason two, my family. My dad so happens to be one of twelve. So, I have TONS of cousins and family members who all bother me in some way, but, at the same time I love them. Third, I work retail so all the magic is kind of sucked out of me between Black Friday and the days that follow soon after. I don’t know if I will ever truly have a genuine love for the holidays…


"There was one year when we were with my aunts and uncles and one of my aunts made a birthday cake that says Happy Birthday Gordon and Jesus. And I thought that was a little awkward."

- Gordon Wichem, 33, whose birthday falls on Christmas Eve. His birthday parties were moved to his half-birthday, during the summer.

"I wanted tacos.  And of course, I did not win out, we had our typical turkey dinner."

- Bill Krumbein, 70, whose birthday falls on Christmas.

May your Christmas and birthday presents not be combined!

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