A woman smokes an e-cigarette.
A woman smokes an e-cigarette. - 
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Heathrow Airport and e-cigarette maker Gamucci are announcing an e-smoking lounge. But amid increasing regulation in the e-cigarette industry, that proposal may turn out to be a brave one. In Britain more and more places have recently banned the use of e-cigarettes: trains, planes, and even pubs.

Chris Wickham, an analyst with Oriel Securities, says the industry is getting nervous.

"I had an email from one of the listed companies last week saying, 'We're not going to make any further investment in this industry,'" Wickham said.

As governments and health campaigners worry e-cigarettes will expose more people to nicotine addiction, it's unclear just how long Heathrow Airport's new e-smoking lounge will stay open for business.