A list of helpful links to aid you with your personal finance questions.
A list of helpful links to aid you with your personal finance questions. - 
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Here at Marketplace Money we get way more questions than we could ever hope to answer. That's why we created the Lightning Round. This week:

Kate asks:
"My husband and I owe $42,000 in car loans and medical debt. Hubby makes $96,000 a year. I want to own a house one day. My husband's family feels we should file for bankruptcy. Do you agree?"

Chris on Facebook asks:
"What makes a home valuable? How about simply liking to live there?"

Sarah sent us an email:
"I have over $40,000 in college debt. I am expecting my first child in January and want to make a solid plan to pay back my loans. Is consolidation a good idea?"

Matthew asks:
"My mom is a pleaser; she'd prioritize happiness over pretty much anything else and the credit card balances showed that. Dad on the other hand has no problem saying no; when he handles the money, everyone knew exactly when the money was gone. Who was right?"

Denise asks:
"What is your budgeting advice for people like real estate agents who are only paid when a sale is completed? Is there a formula for how much to save, how much to put away for taxes, how much to pay off bills?"

Heather asks:
"I recently heard about this blog called www.MrMoneyMustache.com, written by a guy who retired at 30 and who says we all could do it too. My question: Can you interview him on the show?"

Tom on Facebook asks:
"I own a small business, of which my wife and I are the only employees. How does Obamacare affect us?"

And more!

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