In 1998, Patrick Stewart and Levar Burton star in the movie 'Star Trek: Insurrection.' 
In 1998, Patrick Stewart and Levar Burton star in the movie 'Star Trek: Insurrection.'  - 

This week we’re talking with LeVar Burton about literacy, the Reading Rainbow iPad app and this clip of Burton, as Geordi La Forge, using a proto-iPad in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

It’s hard to talk about Reading Rainbow without getting the show’s iconic theme song stuck in your head.

The original was performed by Broadway actress Tina Fabrique in 1983, but we want you to share your version.

Send us your best rendition. Record yourself singing, humming, whistling or playing the song. Belt it out whether you know the words or not. We’ll share the best versions on the air and online.

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