U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, DC.
U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, DC. - 
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The government is back open and we wont default on our debt, but we've only kicked the can about two months down the road. Will Congess be able to avoid another lengthy fight?

Neela Richardson from Bloomberg Government is optimistic for two reasons: "One, they've set expectations so low that they can't help but to leap over them," says Richardson, "Two, the long term deficit now looks a little bit better in the near term than it did during the time of the supercommittee, so they actually have to do less to get to the same point."

CNBC's John Carney is more cautious, though. "I do think that the members of congress do sound like they really want to get something done this time, but they did last time too," Carney says, "They really had hopes it was going to work."

Listen to the full audio for more on the end to the shutdown and whether a repeat of this month's fight could keep the Fed from scaling back its stimulus.


John Carney's picked:

The Atlantic Magazine calls launching jellyfish into space sensible. Carney finds it vaguely terrifying. You'll probably just find it fascinating. 

When author Marcy Dermansky lived in New York City, she thought she couldn't fall in love with New York City. Now that she's left it, she realizes that maybe she did

Is technology destroying more jobs than it is creating? Is it also creating cool robots?

Nela Richardson chose:

Michael C. Bender & Kathleen Hunter break down the civil war inside the Republican Party and the role business groups are playing to choose the victor.

Heidi Pryzbyla and Mike Dorning of Bloomberg look ahead at what's next for Washington deal making over the federal budget. 

Profiles often make good weekend reads. As a relatively late adopter of twitter, Richardson read this profile of one of it's founder, Jack Dorsey, by D.T. Max with certain amount of awe. A philosophy of simplicity and constraint has lead to big time success and ambition.

Speaking of profiles, Sarah Ball's "What You Should Know About Kai Ryssdal" is a nice weekend treat for fans of Marketplace.

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