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A new report shows American companies plan to cut 40,000 jobs. With the weekly jobless claims slightly up Thursday morning, Marketplace Morning Report host Mark Garrison talks to 27-year-old Jeremy Feader to discuss the special challenges facing Millennials, who jumped into the job market during the economic crisis. 

Feador has a master's degree in history and currently has a part-time job at a university archive in Cleveland, Ohio. But despite having done several internships in archiving and at museums, he still hasn't found full-time employment.

"I thought maybe by 27 I’d at least have something that was full-time, but unfortunately that’s not the case," he says. 

He doesn't agree with the idea that people in his generation are lazy and entitled. 

"I’m not expecting anything to be handed to me and I don’t think our generation is like that. I think a lot of us are very much go-getters."

Jeremy Feador, currently working part-time at a university archive, joins Marketplace's Mark Garrison to discuss. 

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