A woman buys a copy of the New York Daily News, featuring Speaker of the US House of Representatives John Boehner following, an US government shutdown in New York, October 1, 2013. - 

Across the U.S. today, government offices and national parks are closed and more than 800,000 federal employees are staying home without pay.

Welcome to Day One of what could be a lengthy shutdown of the federal government. At issue is the inability of lawmakers in Washington to agree on a budget.

Yesterday, as cable news networks' apocalyptic countdown clocks ticked toward hour zero of the federal government shutdown, we asked listeners about their experiences with financial ultimatums.

On Facebook, we posted this question: Have you ever been in a standoff where you have had to make or respond to an ultimatum involving money? What did it take to come to an agreement?

We got a number of responses, many of which revolved around a similar theme -- financial ultimatums are for children:

"Yes, but it involved a four-year-old, whose response was more reasonable and mature than what I'm seeing from Congress. So I would suggest that maybe we cut off Congress's allowance and revoke their TV privileges and refuse them dessert until they cooperate." -- Elizabeth Platt Hamblin


"No, I'm an adult and I only deal with adults." -- Cliff Barbier


"I probably locked myself in my room, because I was a child and who does that between responsible adults?" -- Kevin Chen

Of course, one of you did have an adult perspective on the matter:

"I rented a room in my house to a young man who thought I should give him back his security deposit, which I had kept in lieu of a month's rent. He attacked me in my bathroom while I was in the shower. He has free rent now, he's incarcerated." -- Ellen M. Cosgrove

So, Congress. There you have it. It's time you grew up, at least according to some Marketplace listeners.