Hollywood actress Sarah Jessica Parker, of the popular TV series Sex and the City, stands next to her portraits during the opening of the SM Aura shopping mall in Manila on May 16, 2013. - 

Sarah Jessica Parker of "Sex in the City" fame is launching a new line of shoes at Nordstrom. Responding, no doubt, to that overlooked social value: “a woman’s right to shoes.”

“She has certainly waited long enough,” says Jen Drexler, a retail analyst at Insight Strategy Group, “She’s so synonymous with shoes that it makes perfect sense for her to have her name on a shoe line.”

Parker has teamed up with the head of Manolo Blahnik -- Carrie’s shoe of choice.  But the shoes themselves are maybe not all what you’re imagining. Take the suede flip-flop -- Drexler calls it the line’s gateway shoe: “That is so opposite a Carrie shoe, Carrie would never have worn a flip-flop.” (And yeah, that gateway flip-flop is likely to cost more than $100.)

Candace Corlett, president of WSL Strategic Retail, expects there will be buyers for Sarah Jessica Parker-branded shoes. “You look at her and your eyes get wider and your mouth opens a little bit and it’s wow,” says Corlett, “she’s a wow dresser.”

But Corlett agrees -- they might reconsider the flip-flops.  Maybe make them a gift with purchase, for when you can’t walk another step in those five-inch heels.

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